Alumni of the Department of Computing and Communication Technologies at Oxford Brookes University are to be found in senior positions all over the world.

Feedback received from Alumni of the varied study and research programmes indicates that, as their careers develop, the friends they made while studying here are highly valued in both the personal and the professional sense.

Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing with your life, you're still part of Brookes. The 'my alumni website' at makes it easy for you to stay connected – with people, with opportunities, and with what's going on.

The site provides a range of services such as:

  • targeted content for CCT alumni
  • alumni events and reunions
  • alumni polls and surveys
  • alumni directory
  • alumni news
  • benefits available to alumni
  • email for life
  • volunteer opportunities
  • ability to direct an online gift or donation to your subject area or area of interest

After graduation

The alumni office has created a dedicated website which helps graduating students understand the benefits and opportunities of alumni membership, at

Brookes Talent Bank is an online vacancy and recruitment service launched by the Careers and Employment Centre. The service and vacancies are open to Alumni after graduation for an unlimited period, see