Artie and Robbie at TeenTech City

Thursday, 10 December 2015

PhD student Suman Saha with Artie

On 1 December PhD student Suman Saha and Department Head Nigel Crook took robots Artie and Robbie to the TeenTech City event at the Copperbox stadium in London.

The event was attended by over 570 schoolchildren from 45 different schools across London and the Oxford Brookes team joined 200 scientists and engineers to give the schoolchildren a taste of careers in technology. Challenges were set by key STEM industry players including Barclays, BBC, Cisco, National Grid, Atkins, JVC and Samsung, testing innovation and creativity and aiming to blur the lines between education and employment. In addition to interacting with our robots, the schoolchildren were able to experience an earthquake simulator, Twitter sentiment analysis challenges from Bloomberg, Crime Scene Investigation, BBC micro:bit coding challenges, VFX Film and 3D Animation.