14 March 2012

Samira Ahmed visits Oxford Brookes to give a talk about British journalism

Samira Ahmed Open Lecture

The freelance journalist and former Channel 4 News presenter Samira Ahmed has visited Oxford Brookes to talk about aspects of British journalism in an open lecture entitled, From Hogarth to Hackgate: Does British Journalism have an attitude problem?

Samira explored British journalism's uniquely disrespectful attitude to figures of authority and privacy. She considered many thought-provoking examples including the News of the World hacking scandal and provided examples from her own experience too. No stranger to controversy in the course of her career, Samira has covered the trial of OJ Simpson, domestic violence in Britain, the rise of Islamic radicalism and many other issues. Her reporting draws on her passion for exploring the human motivations and stories behind the headlines.

Samira Ahmed Open Lecture

During the lecture, Samira explored the history of British journalism and analysed a variety of examples including some rather humorous political cartoons. Whilst in the past many of these have been enjoyed by the British public and tolerated by politicians, Samira encouraged critical analysis of the attitudes journalists bring to the news stories they cover.

A number of Oxford Brookes students across various faculties attended the open lecture, along with many community residents who visit the university on a regular basis. The audience enjoyed the lecture and had a chance to ask Samira questions. A Brookes student commented: “This was an insightful lecture with many interesting life cases that Samira presented. I was pleasantly surprised Samira found time to answer my questions after the lecture”.

Since leaving Channel 4 News last year Samira has been working as a freelance journalist and is a fervent advocate of the power of social media. You can visit Samira’s blog at or you can follow her on Twitter: @SamiraAhmedUK on Twitter.