This research aims to engage in state of the art research into the mathematical theory of computer vision and artificial intelligence, but to keep the mathematical research relevant to the needs of society. Members of the Artificial Intelligence and Vision group have won major awards in all the main conferences in the field including the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), CVPR, ECCV, BMVC, NIPs as well as various thesis awards for the students, and industrial awards such as best Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

The applications come in many forms, and we are involved with several major companies and organizations. With Sony we are working on human computer interaction (via a camera, the "EyeToy") for the Play Stations 2 and 3, with Sharp we have worked on generation of content for 3D displays, with Oxford Metrics Group we are working on computer understanding of films (e.g. what is the shape of objects in the scene etc) in order to make better special effects, we also work on motion capture of humans (and animals) in order to drive computer generated avatars, with Yotta PlC we are working on automated understanding of road scenes. We work on medical image analysis and on surveillence. We also do collaborative work with Microsoft Research, London, Cambridge and Oxford Universities.


Complex computing from Oxford Brookes helps create a 'magical' new technology for the Sony PlayStation

The contribution from Oxford Brookes came as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. KTP Associate Amir Saffari worked in Sony's London Studio under supervision from Oxford Brookes' Philip Torr, transferring highly sophisticated computer vision technology that would enable the PlayStation to distinguish the player's hands from the background. More...