Professor David Duce

Professor of Computer Science


  • Web technologies
  • Data visualization
  • Information management
  • How web technologies, including Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and semantic web technology can be used to build collaborative working applications

Professor Duce’s recent research includes a wild fire management scenario for which he developed a proof-of-concept system to enable fire fighters and controllers to communicate through a graphical sketch pad. This work also links with work in Grid computing and research into middleware to support highly dynamic and reconfigurable systems. Professor Duce is also Chairman of Eurographics, the European Association for Computer Graphics.

Teaching interests

Teaching is now solely for the MSc Computing course, a generalist MSc degree. Topics covered include databases and database theory (relational algebra), XML and XQuery and web media and interfaces which covers text and graphical media (HTML5/CSS, SVG), declarative animation/interaction (SVG) and script-based interaction (JavaScript and some popular libraries such as jQuery). Web-based visualization is also covered at a very introductory level (D3.js library and some other tools).

Examples of projects or dissertations

  • Enabling the Enterprise Semantic Web.
  • An RDB to RDF translation engine with automated schema discovery (2013); Semantic Based Selection Amenities (2013); Using XML to Manage Lighting Photometric Data for CAD and Visualization Applications in the Entertainment and Architectural Industries (2013)

Research projects

  • KTP with Nominet (UK), 2007-2009
  • KTP with Media Analytics Ltd, 2013-2015
  • TSB/EPSRC with Joe Tah Department of Real Estate and Construction Management and commercial partners, Integrated Carbon, Waste and Cost Modelling for Design of Low Impact Buildings, 2010-2012, TS/H003266/1
  • EPSRC, OPEN OVERLAYS: Component-based Communication Support for the Grid, 2004-2007, GR/S68514/01
  • EPSRC, Visualization Middleware for e-Science, 2003-2005, GR/R96224/01


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